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Prosthetically Guided Regeneration: Novel Techniques in Soft-Tissue Thickening & Customised Bone Augmentation

Lieu :
Melbourne - Australia
Date :
Thursday 31st October 2019 - 8:30am
Type :
Hands-on Course
Conférencier :
Dr Paolo Casentini (Italy)

Solutions for Complex Hard & Soft-Tissue Augmentation Cases

Whilst “Prosthetically Driven Implantology” represents a well consolidated concept today, there is still potential for adverse events related to implant supported reconstruction. The presence of bone defects (horizontal and/or vertical) can negatively influence the 3-D implant position, potentially impacting on the implant success/survival.

The concept of Prosthetically Guided Regeneration (PGR) has been analysed thoroughly, and treatment options have been devised to deal with complex implant cases involving both bone and soft tissue defects. The PGR protocol will also allow the classification of different degrees of atrophy, and to select the more appropriate reconstructive technique.

The development of CAD-CAM technologies such as individualised titanium meshes (i.e. Yxoss CBR®), as well as novel biomaterials, have helped clinicians combat the challenges faced on a daily basis.

Part 1 (Lecture) - A sequence of clinical cases and HD videos will illustrate this new treatment philosophy.
Part 2 (Hands-on) - Attendees will be given the opportunity to trial the use of new biomaterials (GeistlichFibro-Gide®) and devices (Yxoss CBR® system) that can help the clinician to apply these concepts surgically.

This hands-on course is designed for practitioners with an interest in expanding their treatment options for complex hard & soft-tissue augmentation cases.